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Men's Bottoms COOLER Long Pants

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The innovative properties of NILIT breeze® fabric provide breathability and a refreshing comfort. This technical base layer is made in seamless technology, which guarantees a perfect fit. The inner layer of double-face fabric is made of NILIT breeze® yarn, to enhance the cooling function.

The internal layer removes moisture to the outside, while the external layer provides thermal insulation and prevents cool air penetration and the natural loss of heat.

Fast facts:

  • cooling effect
  • helps maintain a comfortable body temperature during/after physical performance and in hot weather
  • facilitates optimal physical performance
  • provides efficient ventilation
  • anti-allergic and bacteriostatic properties
  • odour-control
  • proven science the body temperature is decreased by approximately 1°C with the NILIT breeze® fabric.
  • use of a special polymer with ceramic component inside creates a soft touch and provides superior ventilation and cooling.
  • two-layered, breathable knitted fabric
  • next generation fibers
  • seamless knitting

Fabric description:

  • layered fabric construction
  • UV Protection
  • non-iron

Fabric composition:
52% NILIT breeze® polyamide
48% Cationic micro-polyester