Men's short sleeve navy blue DRY T-shirt with red body enhancing shapes across the chest, shoulders and undersides of the shirt
Men's navy blue short-sleeve crewneck T-shirt. With red body enhancing shapes down the back and shoulders. Paired with matching DRY leggings

Men's Top DRY Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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Stan Habza
Fantastic product

Your shirt has the quality that everyone should experience!

DRY clothing has been designed in seamless technology. Two-layered, breathable knitted fabric of medium thickness. Internal layer drains the moisture outside, ensuring comfort even during intense effort. External layer performs thermal-insulating function, protects against cold air passing through to the inside and against natural loss of heat.

Fast facts

  • made-to-measure performance through body mapping technology
  • internal layer drains the moisture to the outside
  • external layer performs thermal-insulating function
  • protecting from cold air passing through to the inside and against natural loss of heat
  • a net structure and ventilation ducts aiding the transport of moisture in the areas of increased sweating
  • anti-allergic and bacteriostatic properties
  • all-year-round use
  • seamless technology
  • two-layered, breathable knitted fabric
  • medium thickness
Fabric description

62% Sensil® Polyamide 6.6
38% Cationic micropolyester

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