Men Unisex 3D PRO Base Layer T-Shirt White
Women Unisex 3D PRO Base Layer T-Shirt White
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Men Unisex 3D PRO Base Layer T-Shirt Black

Unisex 3D PRO Base Layer T-Shirt

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BRUBECK 3D Mesh Base Layer Top – a function booster. Ideal for any sport activity to increase function of mid layers. It can also be used as a inner layer under a shirt during working hours and business travels, for freshness and comfort comfort maintenance in hot and cold weather.

BRUBECK® 3D Pro Base Layer Top is ultra-light, next to skin layer made in advanced 3D seamless technology. The unique 3D mesh construction allows quick moisture transport to the outside layer. At the same time air channels maximize breathability when hot and limits the impact of cold air in chilly weather.
These universal and ultralight products ensure comfort of movement and maximum thermoregulation while intensive activities in high temperatures.
made for running, cycling and motorcycling as well as for any other activities performed in high temperatures.

ultra-light fabric composition
impeccable moisture management
protection against cooling down and overheating of the body
ultralight jersey fabric
3D mesh based on honeycomb structure supports air circulation and best breathability inside the structure.
two-layered breathable fabric
quick dry

The active-pore structure based on a 3D mesh incorporated to the fabric, reacts to the body heat and sweat, by changing it's shape and creating additional ventilation channels.
modified knitt-loop in the areas of excessive perspiration support air circulation

30% NILIT® Polyamide
70% polypropylene


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