Men's fitted CYCLING shorts in all black. These knee-length shorts feature silicone edges for anti-slip protection, and built-in padding for those long rides.
Men's black cycling shorts. With built in padding for added comfort, and a high-waist to prevent folding while bent.
Men's all black knee length cycling shorts with built-in sport padding. Featuring a small white BRUBECK logo on the lower back

Men's Cycling Shorts

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Biking shorts
Cycling Shorts are amazing!
The ONLY answer to long, pain free rides

Cycling shorts with chamois padding are made of seamless knitwear which allows the skin to breathe. The inner layer immediately wicks moisture away from the skin, so perspiration will not bother you even during intensive effort. The ultra-thin chamois made of high-density open-cell foam will cushion any bump.

3D zones situated on thighs form air circulation channels in the areas of excessive perspiration. 

Shorts fit the body perfectly and the effect of compression can be felt. 

The pant legs are nine inches long with non-binding cuffs and a silicone element to keep them in place while cycling. 

Antiallergenic and bacteriostatic features prevent unpleasant odours. 

This product is highly durable. It is recommended for long and demanding rides. 

Made from ultra-thin high-density open-cell foam, shock-absorbing La Fonte chamois will cushion any bump on your way. Two models (for men and women) are adjusted to gender-specific anatomical features and differences in body shape. La Fonte chamois padding guarantees effective moisture transfer and dries quickly. It prevents irritation and chafing and also has antimicrobial properties. BRUBECK offers chamois models both for men (Titan) and for women (Stark).


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