Men's light-grey fitted long-sleeve base-layer. Paired with yellow hard-hat and matching pants, as this is a workplace line.

Men's Long Sleeve Top Fire-Resistant and Antistatic

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CE Certified FIRE-RESISTANT and ANTISTATIC thermo-active baselayer from the BRUBECK PROTECT line is designed for people working in hard, hazardous conditions. In addition to all the functions of the thermo-active baselayer, this product range also offers an extra level of professional protection.

This specialist protective base layer is designed to give workers in environments where there is an added risk of exposure to flames or static discharge, the extra protection they deserve. 

 Flame Retardant, Anti-Static, Breathable, Thermo-Insulation Garment. 

Quick absorption, quick-dry, hydrophilic, seamless, bacteriostatic.

Produced with Protal.

Style #LS11780


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