Women's Top OUTDOOR WOOL Short Sleeve Light Blue
Women's Top OUTDOOR WOOL Short Sleeve Raspberry
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Women's Top OUTDOOR WOOL Short Sleeve

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OUTDOOR WOOL is a super T-shirt by Brubeck - a light product for every season and increased conditions amplitudes. The combination of fine merino wool, TENCEL® fibers and functional man-made microfibers will give you an immediate sensation of temperature drop down and will manage your body temperature throughout a long distance workout. It is a sole piece of garment, that can warm you up while a morning chill and resist high temperature by strong sun exposition.

light fabric construction
for moderate activity level
separation of woolen layer from skin surface by a super-fine Polyamide 3D mesh for fast moisture draw and dry comfort
3D body mapped
balanced thermo-insulation
protection against cooling down and overheating of body
anti-allergic and bacteriostatic properties
odour control

next generation fibers
seamless knitting
two-layered breathable fabric
4-way elasticity of wool yarn prevents from wrinkling and loosing shape
anti-irritation fabric – application of superfine wool fiber of 16.5 microns for a smooth and soft touch
TENCEL® is a cellulose fiber softer than silk and cooler than linen

32% Sensil® Polyamide 6.6
27% super-fine merino wool
16% Cationic micro-polyester