Anna Sellers - Canadian Biathlete

Biathlon is a combination of intensity, speed and endurance paired with focus, accuracy, and calmness that only a handful of athletes are able to balance to perform in this sport. For those who don’t know what biathlon is it’s a sport that combines cross country skiing with precision shooting. It is currently Europe’s second most watched sport (behind only soccer) and is gaining more and more popularity here in Canada.

While I am racing on the international stage I like to wear Brubeck Active Wool to help balance both aspects of my sport. I can feel the warmth of the layer as soon as I put it on. I have a long warm up of going easy and it’s important to stay warm and ready throughout the entire preparation time before I even start going hard. Then during the race the moisture wicking material regulates warmth while my body temperature fluctuates when I push myself cross country skiing. The material is then able to react to the level of activity even when I am stopped in the middle of my race in the range to shoot!! Following the event I then need to ski slow to recover and prepare my body for the next competition. I usually need to switch my layers before cooling down when I used other base layers in the past but not Brubeck! The layers are able to stay dry and keep me warm from the start of my day, through the intensity of competition until the very end!!

The warmth of the Merino wool also does an excellent job of making sure I don’t get too cold while on long training sessions at home in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Before this season I was always known as the athlete who is always freezing on long workouts in the very cold weather that we get here. This year that has thankfully changed thanks to Brubeck. While using the Active Wool layers I have been able to train longer and go harder helping me achieve the goals I have set out for myself this season!