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All Brubeck Body Guard Products are Oeko-Tex Certified, meaning you can be rest assured knowing every thread and fibre has been tested, and proven to have no harmful substances within. With independent test institutes, global standardization, and strict criteria OEKO-TEX  and Brubeck Body Guard are raising the standards of your apparel. 

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Brubeck's manufacturing facilities are located in Europe. All Brubeck Body Guard Facilities are REACH Compliant. REACH ensures harmful chemicals such as dyes, or plastics are not used anywhere in your products. Brubeck controls our own supply chain, meaning we can be sure top quality products and processes are used throughout your base-layer garment manufacturing. 

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Brubeck manufactures our garments seamlessly. While this translates into benefits such as an extra comfortable fit, no tags, and no garment sagging. It also is done to reduce fabric waste throughout manufacturing.

Even with seamless manufacturing, some textile scraps are un-avoidable. Brubeck recycles 80% of fabric scraps which are later reused in the production of other clothes and apparel.

Dying and Finishing apparel production is typically the most harmful process in clothing manufacturing.

We filter, clean, and cool waste water before it leaves the plant, which is heavily monitored on a weekly basis. This process if much better for the environment, but Brubeck went even further.

We installed a heat-recuperating system to leverage existing heat being produced in the manufacturing process. This resulted in a 70% reduction in energy from the dye-house. 

Brubeck Thermo warming base-layers are developed with SENSIL nylon yarn and coffee charcoal for next-generation absorption of moisture and odour neutralization, verified to preserve body heat. 

The coffee charcoal is created from ground coffee bean shells. These shells are a natural surplus remaining from the large-scale production of coffee. Our adaption of this process reduces the waste of the coffee shells through the re-use resources.  

The addition of coffee charcoal is also why we offer dark colours for men's THERMO products. The coffee charcoal creating a naturally dark colour, replacing the need for dyes altogether.

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