Heavy Sweater- By Dr. Richard Trenholm

Middle-aged man doing a side plank in a gym wearing Brubeck 3D Pro short sleeve 

For as long as I can remember, I have been what is known as a “heavy sweater”. It was not unusual for me to soak through a shirt and a hat, or two, during a workout, and a puddle accumulate under the area that I was working out in.  
However, with the Brubeck 3D PRO Shirt, I honestly have never felt drier under my workout clothes.  In fact, the great thing is that it optimized evaporative cooling and I actually feel cooler while I am wearing the 3D PRO Shirt. I am extremely happy with the way the shirt performs and allows me to work out longer and with more intensity. 


Dr. Rich Trenholm
Physician, Sports/Obstetrics/Family (Huntsville, ON)
Co-Owner, Reactivate Muskoka (www.reactivatemuskoka.com)
Medical Director, IRONMAN 70.3 Muskoka
Event Co-Director, The TriMuskokan (www.trimuskoka.com/race/trimuskokan)