At Brubeck Body Guard we use seamless 3D body mapping to describe how our clothes are crafted. This next generation body mapping technology means so much for garment comfortability, we just had to share what it really means! 

All of out garments are created based on physiological 3D scans of real human bodies. These scans are used to gather data surrounding body temperature, moisture levels expelled during activity, and dynamic flow of movement we take. These scans were used as an "instruction manual" so to speak, when we created our garments.

The male and female lines we created uniquely, featuring different ventilation zones, areas with additional moisture absorption such as under the arms, or under the bust dependant on the needs relevant to that gender. These 3D body mapped zones work to increase the evaporative surface of the garment, keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable. 

Our garments are also created seamless- very different from traditional cut and sew garments. This is a more expensive method of production and results in exceptional quality, comfort and less waste. Each garment is woven circularly from bottom to top, with the only stitching being to attach the arm sleeves to the garment. This results in a dynamic comfortable fit that does not sag with intense use. The garments have no tags, are anti-chaffing, and no seams throughout to improve comfort.

Our base layer collections are double-layer breathable, but contrary to common belief of dual layer thickness, these layers are ultra-light and work harmoniously. The inner-layer of the garment is a 100% hydrophilic lining working to pull moisture away from the skin as you perspire. The outer layer of the garment is 100% hydrophobic- working to pull moisture away from the inner-layer to the surface of the garment to evaporate. 
This pairing works overtime to ensure performance is the only thing on your mind, fuelling comfort in every step from the inside out. 

Now, depending on the collection you're looking at some fabrics work together to keep you cool and dry, and others work to keep you warm and dry. However they are all focused on providing next generation moisture, and odour control, and temperature regulation.