Wiser Athletic Training with Sports Science!

We are very excited to have Dr. Syl Corbett join the Brucrew! 

Based in Alberta, Dr. Corbett has been coaching athletes of various sports for over 20 years. With a focus on sports science, Dr. Corbett and her colleagues at Athletic Wise are committed to helping athletes reach their goals, whether it be making the varsity team, running your fastest times, or scoring a contract. 

Cycle of Giving

Running since junior college, Dr. Corbett first started running out of conditioning for other sports. Over time she found herself looking forward to her runs more than anything and eventually moved to individual sports, after having been in team sports for years. 

While running brings her tremendous joy, Syl is grateful for the plethora of health benefits that running can bring and being able to run at all, as so many people are unable for various reasons. “I have huge gratitude and appreciation for this. It’s a pleasure to pay it forward.”

And pay it forward she does! Understanding how the body works and using that knowledge to improve athletic performance is one of her passions. And you can see her passion come through, when she talks about her experiences with coaching athletes. “Helping athletes move towards their goals is such a rewarding experience. Contributing to an athlete’s journey is a privilege and a responsibility I thoroughly enjoy. Every athlete is unique in their strengths, weaknesses, and needs. I learn new things with every athlete I work with, and it motivates me to continue learning for everyone’s benefit.”

Creativity Meets Science

For her training, Syl likes to mix and match the volume and intensity depending on her training phase, keeping her looking forward to her workouts. In the winter, she likes to snowshoe run and she likes to revel on the trails in the warmer months, while cross training. 

Being able to train at all the times of the year without getting chills in the winter or overheating in the summer is what drew her to the Brubeck collection. Naturally, her preferred collection is Thermo, our year-round collection. She found that Thermo allowed her to move freely without the need to overdress. “I thought I would only need my Thermos for a couple months, but I basically wear them most months of the year. Appropriate clothing is critical for safety and comfort when you’re out there for a while. My Thermo gear is effective, reliable and it’s markedly better than any other base layer I’ve ever worn.”

Dr. Corbett’s interests and hobbies don’t stop there! Syl also regularly conducts and reviews research. She also enjoys photography and drawing cartoons, which has earned her the moniker Sylly Goat! 

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