BRUCREW at the Masters World Cup

Our Sponsorship Activities

This year Brubeck is an event sponsor of the Masters World Cup, hosted by the Alberta World Cup Academy in beautiful Canmore, Alberta! 

The World Masters Cross-Country Ski Association was formed in February 1982 as a worldwide association for masters cross-country skiers. The Association provides a common international platform for top competitive skiers as well as for those who simply enjoy racing, regardless of the ranking.

The Masters World Cup is held every year in different parts of the world. As the minimum age of entry is 30, the event often sees many former Olympians among other cross-country skiing enthusiasts

We recognize that skiers are a very important part of our community and we wanted to give back. As part of our sponsorship, sale proceeds of the souvenir shirts will go towards the growth of the sport in Alberta! 

In addition to being an event partner, we are happy to announce that we are the proud sponsors of skiers, Simon Haynes and Cathryn Rowley who will be competing at the event! 

We sat down with Simon and Cathryn to talk about their love for skiing and their preparation for the event. 

Meet Simon Haynes

Simon Haynes racing at the Canmore Nordic Centre

Representing Brubeck at the Masters World Cup at Canmore, Alberta, Simon Haynes will be competing in both the Classic and Skate techniques. 

An Early Start

Originally from Niagara, Ontario, Simon has been cross-country skiing since age 4. “My parents, who are both English, met in Ottawa in the 1960's.” says Simon, “As a new Canadian, my father got into cross country skiing in university, and he passed his love of the sport onto his sons - all four of them!”

Simon Haynes in a ski race at the Canmore Nordic Centre earlier in January

He adds that he loves skiing not only because it is a fantastic cardio workout but also a great opportunity to go outdoors and explore nature with the community. 

Simon Says Ski 

His training consists of two weeks of volume, followed by a week of intensity, followed by a rest week. During the Winter, he focuses on Skiing but during the off-season he keeps up his training with: running, hiking, cycling, roller skiing, and strength training.

Simon’s advice for new skiers is to just join a club and take lessons. He says, “if you learn the technique properly to begin with your trajectory of improvement will be much more linear!”

Simon at the Northover Ridge trail run in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park wearing Brubeck 3D Pro

Simon, 50, is a geologist who lives in Calgary, Alberta. So far, he has managed to travel to every province in Canada except for Labrador and Nunavut. When he’s not skiing and training, you can find Simon reading, playing music, and volunteering for several geological organizations. 

Simon will be competing in the Classic and Skate techniques at the Masters World Cup, in Canmore, Alberta, from March 3-11. 

Meet Cathryn Rowley

Cathryn Skiing

Cathryn Rowley has been cross-country skiing for around 20 years, and considers herself as more of a skater, than a classic skier. She will be joining Simon in representing Brubeck at the Masters World Cup next month. 

Familiar Joys

While both her parents skied cross-country when was little, she did not pick up the sport until she was an adult. She used to figure skate when she was little and feels that perhaps the familiar movements have helped her develop her love for the sport. She adds that the exhilaration of skating across the snow does help make the Winters more bearable. 

Cathryn trains with Fresh Tracks Coaching and Consulting, and her group of fellow Nordic skiers she affectionately calls, “Nordorks”. For 3 days of the week, they focus on technique, strength, long skis, and interval training. For the rest of her weekly workouts, she likes to run, ski, and practice yoga by herself. 

Cathryn ski racing

When asked about what the sport means to her, Cathryn says that for her, there is no other feeling like it. She appreciates how well-rounded the sport is, as it trains upper body, lower body, strength, endurance and technique - all while getting to experience beautiful scenery. 

Cathryn cautions new skiers to avoid learning bad habits that would be difficult to unlearn later, by instead taking lessons.

Canmore Calling Cathryn

Though she skis all winter, Cathryn still finds ways to be outside and enjoys running and hiking. “Although I would like to say I live in Canmore”, says Cathryn “I would say, I play in Canmore and live in Calgary”. Meanwhile, we are envious of her former life in Japan!

Cathryn close up

Cathryn, 45, is a pediatric occupational therapist at the Child Development Centre, or as she likes say, “I play with children and help them be as functional as they can be.”

Cathryn will be competing in the 15km skate, 10km classic and 30 km skate races at the Masters World Cup, in Canmore Alberta, between March 3 and 11. 

Stay tuned for more updates on BRUCREW at the Masters World Cup!