Measure Your Size

Expert Sizing Tips:

  • We recommend a snug fitting base-layer for optimal performance, but if you prefer a looser fitting garment you will still receive the technical benefits of Brubeck super fabrics 
  • Brubeck sports apparel is manufactured in Europe, meaning the garments are slimmer fitting in the waist, and have longer torso and arm length 
  • It is recommend to go up one size. For example, if you regularly wear a medium, we'd recommend up sizing to a large
  • Keep the tape measure straight all the way around, pulled snug, but not pressing into skin 
  • Stand in a relaxed position, breathe normally, and measure on exhale
  • Chest and bust measurements should be done from the largest part of the chest, under the arms 
  • Waist and Hips measurements should be done from the widest part of your hips with feet slightly apart  

Find Your Fit

Due to the 4-way stretch knitted into every garment, Brubeck does not require inseam measurements for finding pants size. Use the height and hips or waist categories when searching for your pants.  

Woman's Sizing Chart  

Bust (In)32.5- 3535- 36.536.5- 3838- 40.540.5- 43
Hips (In)35- 36.536.5- 3838- 39.539.5- 4141- 43
Height (Ft)5'0"- 5'2"5'2"- 5'4"5'3"- 5'5"5'4"- 5'6"5'6"- 5'9"

Men's Sizing Chart 

Chest (In)32.5- 3535- 3737- 39.539.5- 4242-44.5
Waist (In)29.5- 31.531.5- 3434- 36.536.5- 3939- 41
Height (Ft)5'4"- 5'6"5'6"- 5'8'5'8"- 6'0"6'0"- 6'2"6'2"- 6'4"

Youth Unisex Sizing Chart 

Chest (In)21- 22.5 22-2322.5- 24.524- 27 26.5- 29.5
Waist (In)20- 2120.5- 2221.5- 2322.5- 27 24- 26 
Height (Ft)3'0"- 3'3"3'4"- 3'6"3'8"- 4'0"4'1"- 4'5'4'6"- 4'8"

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