Our family has been in the textile industry for generations in Poland. 

Brubeck is founded on technology and engineering for textiles. While there have been some great strides in developing fabric for different needs, we found that there have not been too many innovations for people who live, work and play in extreme weather conditions and exert themselves.

As we started to research and build our first few tops, we realized that we were creating something special for athletes. 

As we kept going, we got more and more feedback from athletes, rig workers, and firemen that what we were creating is something that they have always needed. 

We took note of the most common problems that they face with their current brands of clothing and wanted to address as many of those as we could with one single garment. 

The idea is to reduce the number of layers on the body so that it is free to move and work more efficiently. 

As people work in extremely cold conditions, they want to bundle up to stay warm, but oftentimes, the bulkiness creates weight and causes sweat which then makes the body even colder as it cools down! So we made a baselayer that is both sweat-wicking and insulating. With NILIT Innergy  and NILIT Heat the body heat stays trapped in and keeps the athlete warm in cold harsh weather.  

In extreme heat, we often want to reduce the amount of clothing we wear because the sweat makes it uncomfortable to wear, but it leaves our skin exposed to UV rays. So we made a cooling top. It cools the body down and wicks away sweat rapidly, while letting in air, preventing chafing, odour and overheating. 

Our customers have assured us that our products indeed do what they promise. We have heard some extraordinary stories about how our customers have endured extreme weather conditions and strenuous races wearing Brubeck. It is stories like these that inspire us to innovate to create the best Next Generation Base Layers