Wholesale Sales Contact

Brubeck offers competitive wholesale pricing to a variety of retailers across Canada.

We are proudly represented by trusted Independent Sales Agents across Canada. We would love to have a chat, even if it's just to say hello.

We are more than happy to provide further details on pricing, shipping, product usage, and the many benefits of Brubeck. 

See our sales representative contact information below.

Western Canada, Ontario: Catherine Dupuis, Agency 1008, catherine@agency1008.ca

Eastern Quebec: Maxime Beaudry, Agence Topchrono, maxime@agencetopchrono.com or

Jean-Francois Paquet, Agence Du Pasquier, jf@agencedupasquier.com

Montreal, Quebec: Montreal, Quebec (Ouest) Sue K Sales, sueksales@shaw.ca

Maritime provinces: Neil Boutilier, NB Brand Broker, sales@nbbrand.ca