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EXTREME & ACTIVE WOOL is a quick-dry fine merino wool enriched with functional microfibers. The inner layer is made of hydrophobic fibers, which always stay dry and fresh. Its double-layer, seamless construction guarantees exceptional thermoregulation properties to prevent excessive cooling, overheating, and over-sweating.

EXTREME THERMO & THERMO are made in seamless technology from a two-layer, breathable fabric. The inner layer quickly wicks sweat away, keeping your skin dry. Antistatic knitted fabric is anti-allergic - does not cause allergies and irritation, and bacteriostatic - does not absorb unpleasant odors—our soft fabric is perfect for the most sensitive skin. 

When we look for base layer clothing, many people struggle with the effect of cold, and unfavorable weather conditions aggravate this problem even more. Our products retain your body heat whilst eliminating sweat quickly. 

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