How to Efficiently Layer Your Thermo Base Layers

Thermo is Brubeck’s all-season, hypoallergenic base layer, seamlessly body-mapped for full range of motion. In this blog, we will explain just exactly what makes it suitable for changing weather. 

Spring is finally here! We have been getting excited about preparing for and signing up for races. We even hosted our first webinar for competitive runners, and brought in professional coach and seasoned triathlete, Dr. Erik Seedhouse

Some of the more immediate things that come to mind while prepping for races are getting the best times and building stamina, and shoes. While apparel is not necessarily an afterthought it can get difficult to find the perfect piece of gear that meets all of your requirements and preferences. Especially during springtime in Canada, when the weather changes rather quickly.

The Brubeck Thermo collection is made for variable weather. Whereas the Active Wear collection is a 100% cruelty free Merino wool base layer, Thermo base layers are made from non-wool fibers - while still keeping you dry and odour free. 

Athletes Wearing Thermo by Brubeck. Photo by Jason Gibson:

Why is it called Thermo? 

Thermo as in, Thermoactive. When temperatures change quickly your body does its best to adapt by a process called thermoregulation. And to help our bodies do that we layer up. 

But layering is a skill, and if not done efficiently, you could make yourself sweat excessively which can deter your performance by restricting your movements and making you cold. 

Thermo by Brubeck helps make your body’s thermoregulation process easier by keeping you warm and dry, so you can decrease your number of mid layers and outer layers. 

How does it work? 

The men's Thermo collection contains NILIT HEAT a yarn with the addition of coffee charcoal, derived from the husks of coffee beans for their natural thermal-insulating properties. The use of these coffee husks allows us to create this line without the use of any additional fabric dyes. 

The women's THERMO collection contains NILIT INNERGY is a yarn with the addition of a natural mineral that converts human heat energy to a gentle, radiant heating effect. 

The THERMO collection also includes a 3D sport mesh lining to enhance the evaporative surface of the garment. 

Independently proven to increase blood circulation speed by 9.4% - which allows faster oxygen absorption, reduces lactic acid build-up, and reduces muscle and joint inflammation. 


Thermo for Equestrian Sports

Activities Best Suited

Thermo is our community's most preferred all-season base layer. It can be worn for Downhill Skiing, Nordic Skiing, Jogging, Cycling, Gym, Hiking, Riding and more! 

While Thermo is made to be worn all-year round and improves your blood circulation, you do still need to layer your gear, especially if you are going to be doing some intense athletic activities. 

Sports scientist and athlete coach, Dr. Syl Corbett, says she likes to wear her Thermo by themselves for 2 - 3 °C, if she is planning training with a moderate to high intensity. But for cooler weather, she adds a wind resistant layer, shell and windpants, over her Thermo. She adds, “I may also just add the shell if I'm training at a lower intensity, i.e., my body isn't generating as much heat. When it reaches ~-5°C I will add an insulating layer over top of the Thermo and under the shell. I like that insulating layer to be a little baggy so the Thermos can work their magic and I don't feel restricted.”

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