Seven Canadian Athletes Join Forces to Conquer The Sinister 7 100km Ultra Race.

Taking place in Alberta, Canada this rugged race features an intense 6600m elevation gain over 100km with 7 legs and a total of 30 hours to complete this ultra competition. With the Seven Sisters mountain range looming throughout most of the course this event is as breathtakingly beautiful, as it is physically challenging. 
With the focus on the finish line, few have what it takes to be mentally, and physically prepared for an events that takes more than 24 hours to complete. Some may wonder why people voluntarily sign up for this event but the truth is, with the beautiful scenery surrounding every turn, and hilltop you triumph- it's more addicting that you think! With the focus on the finish line rather than 1st place, ultra'a are a place for overcoming personal bests, pushing through the temporary struggles, and working at a pace that suits you, and we've heard you feel like a super-hero afterwards as well.  

The 7 Legs of The Sinister 7 Ultra

Brubeck has sponsored seven Canadian athletes to compete in this extraordinar event. Brought together for the first time, this group of extraordinary athletes is excited to reach the finish line of this gruelling race.  

We are very excited to be giving away a variety of Brubeck Body Guard 3D Pro shirts for the top 75 race competitors as the Sinister 7 Ultra as a Gold Level Apparel Sponsor. With Ultra runners spending long hours in the sun, the UPF 50+ is vital for staying protected from the harmful UV rays. Ultra's are seriously are no joke! Athletes have to be careful to ensure they are not becoming dehydrated, or over-exposing themselves to the heat. Brubeck's next-level base-layer shirts keep you cool during activities thanks to it's moisture wicking properties, and unique fibre blend proven to lower your body temperature by 1 degree. When your running for more than 24 hours things are definitely going to get sweaty, often leading to odours, and a wet base-layer. But with Brubeck Body Guard's built in odour protection and 3D knitted mesh panels providing ventilation, you can leave the extra change of clothes at home, and you can excel through every mile with Brubeck.

We'll have a booth set up on Friday July 9th from 1pm-9pm at the Sinister 7 Ultra. Be sure to stop by and say hi and enter our giveaway! We love meeting all the friendly faces of racers, and supporters. 

We're confident you'll love Brubeck Body Guard's next generation base-layers. If you're in the area for the Sinister 7 Ultra race, be sure to swing by Spry Active for your new favourite summer workout apparel!