Merino Wool and Our Commitment to Animal Welfare

Brubeck uses only cruelty-free Merino Wool in our products. We do not partner nor support farms that carry out mulesing procedures for sheep. 

What is Mulesing?


Mulesing is the surgical practice of removing strips of skin around the breech or rump area of sheep. Merino sheep have folds in their skin that allow them to produce more wool. In warmer climates, the sheep's posterior region can become a breeding ground for flies which result in infections and in some cases death through Myiasis. 

The procedure was developed in Australia by John H.W. Mules. After having accidentally shaved off a bit of its skin while shearing his sheep, he discovered that when the skin regrew in that region it did not have the folds, which then prevented infections. While this surgical procedure is legal in some parts of the world, it is still widely controversial. Research shows that the pain that sheep experience after mulesing is similar to castration but lasts up to 48 hours.

Brubeck chooses 100% mulesing free Merino wool. 


How is Brubeck Cruelty-Free?


We source our wool from sheep reared in the Alps. Owing to a colder climate, the sheep are not at nearly as much risk of Myiasis and dying as they would have been in a warmer climate. Though the methods to protect the sheep from insect-borne diseases are costlier, they do not involve any bodily harm. We would rather bear those costs than put sheep through such pain and suffering.