Optimal Performance

Young man preparing for another round of chin-ups in the gym working out in Brubeck Body Guard

Dempsey Cruz studied Kinesiology in University as well as Music History and Culture and became a teacher in 2012. Dempsey loves to sing, play the piano, and always has a constant soundtrack playing in his head. Dempsey has been a competitive athlete since 2016. Dempsey’s athletic aspirations revolve around constantly improving and continuously pushing through the discomfort to reach new grounds; whether it's improving his technique as a runner or cyclist or being able to avoid injuries more effectively. Most importantly, Dempsey aspires to inspire others through his athletic journey, and he uses this as primary fuel to keep going. “I've always believed that getting to the start line is the hardest part of being an athlete” says Dempsey.

“I find training in Brubeck shirt and shorts extremely comfortable. I’m a true believer in science when it comes to training and performance and Brubeck definitely lives up to this. Its revolutionary moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating fabric allows me to train harder and longer no matter the conditions. This means optimal performance every time I hit the pavement!”

As a vegetarian athlete, I need to monitor my nutrition carefully to ensure that I'm eating enough of my macros, calories and avoid any deficiencies. 

Over the years, I’ve gathered the courage to “put myself out there”. As an openly gay athlete, I believe that it’s especially important to promote diversity and inclusion in Multisport. I have a responsibility to be a positive role model for other athletes and to use sports as a platform where everyone can feel comfortable to be themselves and do their very best in a realm that is so traditionally male dominated. Multi Sport Canada is absolutely for everyone no matter their background or ability level.

Dempsey Cruz

Athlete, ITU World Triathlon Series https://wts.triathlon.org/