Men's Top 3D Run PRO Long Sleeve Dark Blue

Men's Top 3D Run PRO Long Sleeve

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michael casista
Keep your cool on hot days!

To sum this shirt up in one word - surprising! I was worried about sizing and sized up, but it is stretchy in every direction, surprising! Usually with shirts like this that are stretchy, they can be very revealing and don't have any structure but this shirt is extremely flattering and I get compliments every time i wear it, surprising! when I run with it there is absolutley no seam or spot that rubs me the wrong way, the material is textured (jacquard like) but I didn't feel it negatively during my 2 hour run, surprising! And lastly, even though I went with a darkish blue, the sun protection and cooling effect when it is a tad wet (either from water or sweat) AMPLIFIES any little breeze. No more slimy sunscreen arms and I can wear this knowing ill be cooler than not wearing a shirt at all, SURPRISING!!

Simon H.
Very versatile

Have worn this shirt in conditions ranging from +30C and sunny, to 10C at night. Breathable once you start to heat up, but helps to keep the chill off when the temperature drops. Generally I don't wear tight clothing, but this stretches and moves very well, and doesn't bunch up. I have used Brubeck clothing in running and cross-country ski training and races, and it has always delivered. Highly recommended!

Ryan Plett
It really can handle the heat!

I genuinely thought that wearing a long sleeve shirt during a hot trail race (30C) with minimal tree cover would kill me, but boy was I proved wrong. I typically go for looser fitting shirts, but was really comfortable with this next-to-skin layer--probably because the tech worked so well! Now I'm really excited to try it out as a winter base layer. Note for North American customers--consider sizing up for an optimal fit.

Marian Flannery
Worth the Price!

I recently purchased the 3D Pro and Thermo men's top and bottoms for my husband and son. Both of them run and cycle outside everyday wearing their Brubeck gear. They keep raving about it because the fabric is stretchy, comfortable against their skin and keeps them cool and dry after intensive physical effort.

BRUBECK® 3D Run Pro range is ultra-light, next to the skin layer made from advanced 3D seamless technology. The unique 3D mesh construction allows quick moisture transport to the outside layer. At the same time, air channels maximize breathability when hot and limit the impact of cold air in chilly weather.
These universal and ultralight products ensure the comfort of movement and maximum thermoregulation during intensive activities in high temperatures.
They are made for running, cycling, motorcycling, and other activities performed in high temperatures.


  • impeccable moisture management
  • protection against cooling down and overheating of the body
  • ultralight jersey fabric
  • 3D mesh based on honeycomb structure supports air circulation and best breathability inside the structure.
  • two-layered breathable fabric
  • quick dry


  • The active-pore structure based on a 3D mesh incorporated to the fabric, reacts to the body heat and sweat, by changing it's shape and creating additional ventilation channels.
  • modified knitt-loop in the areas of excessive perspiration support air circulation

60% NILIT® Polyamide
40% polypropylene


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