Women's light blue crewneck ACTIVE WOOL long sleeve pictured from the front. A fitted garment with white accents to accentuate the natural curves of your body.
Women's sleek black fitted ACTIVE WOOL longsleeve crewneck. Custom designed for women's bodies to reach new levels of athletic performance in extreme temperatures

Women's Top ACTIVE WOOL Long Sleeve

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Jessy Déroneth
What a nice fit

I usually look like a box in most thermal wear. It is nice to have something form fitting that you can dress up for work with as well as use for sport. Thinking of getting another just so that I have one extra.

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totally amazed. Was shocked that something so thin, could be so warm and comfortable. Went out for a run, - 8 deg C, with a jacket over top- - and was shocked how warm and comfortable this shirt was. Did not disappoint

Sue Kostyniuk

The best ever

Anna Sellers
Feeling Fast and Warm

In the winter this is 100% my go to layer! The tight active fit helps with performance while the merino wool keeps me warm on long workouts. I am able to wear this layer for everything such as biathlon races to backcountry skiing in the mountains… IT’S GREAT!!!!!

ACTIVE WOOL is a mid-weight universal product for changeable weather. It has been designed for every season. It's double-layer, seamless construction guarantees exceptional thermoregulation properties to prevent excessive cooling and overheating.

ACTIVE WOOL is premium fine merino wool that fits the body shape perfectly, it does not crumple and the fabric retention remains unchanged and fabric does not stretch out of shape. The collection has been enriched with second layer jerseys, which are perfect for everyday activities, but also for outdoor sports and leisure. ACTIVE WOOL products have the anti-allergenic properties, do not cause sensitization or irritation. Thanks to its bacteriostatic properties they prevent unpleasant odours.


  • mid-weight fabric
  • separation of wool layer from skin surface by a super fine Polyamide 
  • 3D body mapped
  • balanced thermo-insulation
  • protection against cooling down and overheating of the body
  • anti-allergic and bacteriostatic properties
  • 4-way stretch performance
  • odor control


  • next generation of technical fabrics
  • seamless knit means there are no seams to irritate the skin
  • two-layered breathable fabric
  • 4-way elasticity of wool yarn prevents from wrinkling and loosing shape
  • anti-irritation fabric – application of superfine wool fiber of 16.5 microns for a smooth and soft touch

56% Sensil® Polyamide 6.6
41% super-fine merino wool
2%   creora® elastane
1%   polypropylene


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