Women's Top THERMO Long Sleeve Cobalt Blue Front
Women's Top THERMO Long Sleeve Cobalt Blue Back
Women's Top THERMO Long Sleeve Black Front
Women's Top THERMO Long Sleeve Black Back
Women's Top THERMO Long Sleeve Raspberry Front
Women's Top THERMO Long Sleeve Raspberry Back
Women's Top THERMO Long Sleeve Light Blue

Women's Top THERMO Long Sleeve

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Women's top - Thermo

This is my go-to for colder outside runs or snowshoeing. I love the warmth and compression. Great colours too.

Warm and breathable top!

This top is perfect for cold weather! This shirt is also breathable so you don't overheat! It is also a very comfortable fit and not itchy! I have a very sensitive skin and get irritated really easily but this shirt does not irritate my skin.
I am an elite cross-country skier and I love this shirt for -20 temperatures but also for intensity sessions! Perfect for any kind of activities!

My favourite top for cold weather or cold air conditioned environments.

If you are the kind of person who tends to get cold all of the time, this top is the solution for you. This top has helped me enjoy more the Canadian winter weather by being able to go cross-country skiing outside without any complaints about the cold and run outside, regardless of the weather.

This comes from a person who hid one whole winter inside on her bike trainer to avoid the cold, doing zero ski outside and running outside when the weather permitted it or else it was the treadmill.

This top really does keep you warm as a base layer with its two layered breathable fabric. If you are tired of being that kind of person who is cold all of the time, this top is for you and it works very well in areas where people jack the air conditioner at a temperature that is too low.

Going outside is actually enjoyable in the winter since I have gotten this top and its matching long johns.

THERMO collection is made of seamless technology from two-layered, breathable knitted fabric. The products have unique thermal-insulating properties that ensure maintenance of optimal body temperature. The structure of knitwear marks body shape, whereas elastic and fitted material ensures the freedom of movements. It works perfectly when doing sports in winter and during an interim period.



  • impeccable thermo-insulation using far infrared rays (FIR)
  • protection against cooling down and overheating of the body
  • a net structure and ventilation ducts enhancing transport of moisture in the areas of increased sweating
  • anti-allergic and bacteriostatic properties
  • odor-reducing properties already inherent in Nylon 6.6 are enhanced by the coffee charcoal, which absorbs and neutralizes odors effectively.
  • 3D body mapped
  • 4-way stretch performance


  • next generation fibers
  • seamless knitting
  • two-layered breathable fabric

SKU# LS13100

  • the specially-crafted coffee charcoal and oxide additive integrated into the yarn absorb and capture body heat for an extended period of time.


Several tests were conducted in three global labs (TTRI – Taiwan, Centexbel – Belgium, and SGS – Switzerland) on dyed and non-dyed fabrics made of SENSIL® Heat and a reference fabric without the additive. The fabric of SENSIL® Heat showed an increase of l0°C (50° F) versus the reference fabric.

63% NILIT® HEAT Polyamide
35% polypropylene,
2%   creora® brand elastane

SKU# LS13100