Like a cup of warm cappuccino on a chilly afternoon, SENSIL® Heat premium Nylon 6.6 warms from within. This unique, environmentally responsible fiber is made with coffee charcoal repurposed from coffee bean shell residue. SENSIL® Heat has been verified to preserve body heat while absorbing and managing moisture and neutralizing odors*. 

The specially-crafted coffee charcoal and oxide additive integrated into the yarn absorb and capture body heat for an extended period of time.

Impeccable thermo-insulation
Added as an inside layer of fabric, SENSIL® Heat maintains the body’s natural warm temperature and keeps the wearer warm.
Odor-reducing properties already inherent in Nylon 6.6 are enhanced by the coffee charcoal, which absorbs and neutralizes odors effectively
Environmentally friendly: Coffee charcoal is created from coffee bean shell residue, a natural surplus.

Several tests were conducted in three global labs (TTRI – Taiwan, Centexbel – Belgium, and SGS – Switzerland) on dyed and non-dyed fabrics made of SENSIL® Heat and a reference fabric without the additive. The fabric of SENSIL® Heat showed an increase of l0°C (50° F) versus the reference fabric.

NILIT HEAT Fast Facts:
  • unique yarn on the basis of coffee coal from husks of coffee beans that has natural thermal-insulating properties, gathers in its structure the emitted heat and keeps it even in low temperatures 
  • antibacterial properties – gives the feeling of refreshment and perfect comfort of use 
  • environment-friendly 
  • the temperature reached by NILIT HEAT is on average 1 Celsius degree higher than in other yarns from the same category 
  • the structure of knitwear marks body shape, whereas elastic and fitted material ensures the freedom of movements 
SENSIL® BodyFresh premium Nylon 6.6 stays fresh all day thanks to its high performance, permanent odor-reducing properties and natural breathability. And by requiring fewer washings, it’s better for the environment, too.