All About Active Wool: Our Midweight Thermoactive Base Layer Collection

Why We Call It Active Wool

You can't control the weather to maintain an optimal body temperature during intense activity, so we do it for you. 

Our Active Wool Collection is a thermoactive base layer designed especially to make your training or exercise outdoors a little more comfortable.

How It Works

The thermoactive properties of the sport mesh lining wicks away moisture faster than pure wool and ensures that you stay dry while the outer layer of super fine merino keeps you warm. 

Our Merino Wool fibers are ultra-soft and hypoallergenic. Merino wool can often be itchy and uncomfortable for a lot of people, but in this collection the outer wool layer is separated from your skin by a skin-friendly layer of nylon fabric. 

Our base layers don’t have seams, our seamless design eliminates any source of skin irritation, so you can keep performing. 

Two men climbing up a snowy mountain wearing Brubeck Active Wool base layers

Sports and Activities Active Wool Is Best Suited For

Active Wool is a mid-weight base layer for wearing all year round.

The Active Wool collection goes well with fat-tire biking, snowboarding, hockey and skiing. The 3D body mapped knows where you sweat the most, and makes sure these body zones have quick evaporation. 


Of course, no outfit is complete without some accessories - especially when you outside braving Canadian Winters. Check out our Extreme Wool beanie made from Merino Wool and the merino wool glove liners. 

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